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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Africa's Snow White II: Prince Charming

The sequel to Summer Love - Jealous Winter is just weeks away from availability. Since the actual shipping date is out of my hands, I'm reluctant to say when exactly, but it should be shipping from my website and toward the end of the month. Meanwhile, here is the back of the book summary:

A body has been found, but was it suicide or murder? The police investigator isn't sure. As the details begin to emerge, he realizes that not every crime is so easily classified. Elizabeth's romance with Charles serves as a welcome distraction, but when a letter arrives from her old boyfriend that reveals her mother’s manipulative nature, Elizabeth's slow journey toward awareness begins.

Nicholas doesn't understand why Elizabeth hasn't replied to any of his letters, but he's determined to find out. Siesta is small enough, and he plans to find and confront her there.

As the book rockets toward its conclusion, Elizabeth finds an old, unopened letter, which has the potential to reach out from the grave to haunt the living and point the finger of blame.

Meanwhile one of Elizabeth's boyfriends decides to visit her in Wellington. Charles has agreed to stay out of the way, but a few words is all it takes to fire Charles with righteous fury to protect the virtue of his girlfriend—or so he thinks.

And here is the feedback I've recieved so far:

“I'm pleased to see my prediction, of a sequel to Jonathan's first novel, come true. I'm delighted to see the characters from his first book mature in his new novel and go on to experience all the ups and downs and challenges of making one's way in the South Africa of that time, of trying to come to terms with living in a country as divided as it then was. I look forward to seeing how Jonathan deals with the challenges faced by so many individuals and families in South Africa in his upcoming novels. Once again, the references to St. Andrew's School evoke many memories for me from my own years as a student in Bloemfontein. Although I was not at St. Andrews, my father was head of the old boys' association, and therefore, by osmosis, I got to know something of the school and knew many of the pupils and teachers of the 1960's. St. Andrews, which was founded in 1863 in the old zuid-afrikaanse republiek, has seen many changes taking place around it over the years. I hope that Jonathan's books attract many students from abroad to this wonderful school. Jonathan, we are proud of you, keep up the good work and I look forward to the next in the series.”
—Ambassador Leslie Manley, Ambassador from South Africa to Panamá, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Perú

“An alluring tale of love and deception. Jonathan displays exceptional skills painting vivid scenes for the reader. A great escape that will have you glued to your seat.”
—Dr. Sylvie Raymond, English Lecturer, United Arab Emirates University

“Eloff's second novel is an excellent sequel that will leave you wanting to know more about this intriguing story. You're guaranteed to lose sleep as you keep turning the pages late into the night.”
—Jody Hussey, ESL Teacher

“Fear and hope, sadness, love, and conspiracy, all centered around one family, set in the romantic scenery of South Africa. When you remember his first wonderful novel, Summer Love - Jealous Winter, immediately you recognize and appreciate Jonathan Eloff's unique style of writing. Every word comes out of his heart, but he leaves one question open for his readers: What's in this princess's future?”
–Karin Forster, German Journalist and Talk Show Moderator

“In my capacity as editor in chief of a large German news organization, I often interviewed world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev. My wife and I have met this talented young author and shared some wine with him, and again I find that some of the most interesting stories are found when interviewing the people affected by the decisions of these world leaders.”
–Kurt Forster, Editor In Chief

“In his new book, Prince Charming, Jonathan Eloff offers vivid, masterful description and colorful insights into the continuing the saga of the two generations introduced in his first book. The innocence of young love contrasts sharply with scenes of vindictive treachery, as this amazing story unfolds. I am intrigued by the young folk as they strive to work out the usual pangs of romance, dismally thwarted by Constance, who contrives to manipulate her world and everyone in it. The plot cleverly navigates some incredible twists and turns as the characters attempt to build their own lives with only a limited awareness of Constance’s determination to control every possible outcome. Ultimately, as Constance manages to conquer her own demons, her daughter, Elizabeth, comes to realize a critical truth of her own. Once again, Eloff has cleverly created a page turner with some unexpected and often surprising results.”
—Margaret Wolf, High School English Teacher, Alberta, Canada

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