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Friday, September 25, 2009

Where am I?


Head down.
Feet planted.
Ready now.
Don't bother looking behind you,
Because I'm already ahead.
It just depends which way you're facing.
Where am I?

If you want to see, then look,
If you want to hear, then listen,
If you want to run, then catch your breath,
And if you want to write . . . find a pen.
Where am I?

A blank page.
A whistling wind.
Life all around me, yet I can't look.
There's no time to delay or I'll miss my flight,
But if you want to stay, I won't fight.
Where am I?

Hands shaking.
Mind reeling.
Not ready yet.
I look behind me, but no one's there,
Because you're already ahead.
It just depends which way I'm facing.
Where am I?

I'm with you.

Copyright © 2007 by Jonathan Eloff