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Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the Road

Streetlights flashing by, glowing vermilion, like candles in the dark.

Not really sure where I'm going,
Only aware that it's not enough to be on the road,
If I don't know where to get off.

The heater’s broken and the ice outside is creeping in.

Passing streets and passing towns,
Nothing to set one apart from the other.
Not really sure what I'm looking for,
Only aware that I haven't found it yet.

Streetlights flashing by—if only there was some warmth in that light to melt the ice.

Eventually I'll have to stop,
But if I only stop when I reach the end of the road,
Where will that leave me?

Copyright © 2008 by Jonathan Eloff

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Broken Glass

All the tears I never let myself cry,
Turn to broken glass when they dry.

You might think you know me,
But we all keep our worst where others can't see.

When I think of all the things I could have done,
It just makes the anger come.

Hold on to yourself.
You never know when you might change.
Before you know it someone else is walking in your shoes,
And all the choices you would have made are no longer yours to choose.

Copyright © 2009 by Jonathan Eloff

Friday, October 2, 2009



Tomorrow is where I will be
When you look on and say
That yesterday is not quite where
You want for me to stay.

Move on, move on Let the past, be past.
Move on, move on Let the past, stay past.

Tomorrow is where you’ll see
The waking roses bloom.
Yesterday isn’t what you thought.

Copyright © 2005 by Jonathan Eloff

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where am I?


Head down.
Feet planted.
Ready now.
Don't bother looking behind you,
Because I'm already ahead.
It just depends which way you're facing.
Where am I?

If you want to see, then look,
If you want to hear, then listen,
If you want to run, then catch your breath,
And if you want to write . . . find a pen.
Where am I?

A blank page.
A whistling wind.
Life all around me, yet I can't look.
There's no time to delay or I'll miss my flight,
But if you want to stay, I won't fight.
Where am I?

Hands shaking.
Mind reeling.
Not ready yet.
I look behind me, but no one's there,
Because you're already ahead.
It just depends which way I'm facing.
Where am I?

I'm with you.

Copyright © 2007 by Jonathan Eloff